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   The day of your dreams, the biggest day of your life is coming. Your wedding can be a big event with many guests or a small family celebration that you decided to share just with your closest friends and family members, but one thing is for certain – it will be full of moments that you’ll want to look back years later.

   One of the most important things you will run across during the preparation of your wedding is choosing a wedding photographer who will help you keep all of the memories from your wedding day bright and fresh.

   Wedding photography has always been considered one of the more difficult areas of the photographic arts. Capturing the essence and uniqueness of the Bride and Groom during the biggest days of their life is an extraordinarily difficult but gratifying challenge. Great wedding photography combines portraiture, photojournalism and fashion photography at the same time.

Something you should consider:

   When you are selecting a wedding photographer, you are hiring a person who will be with you and your family the entire day. One of the most important things is the personality of your wedding photographer. It is very important that you feel comfortable and happy with your wedding photographer so you will look very natural in front of the camera.

   Price is also very important, but it is a big mistake if you select your wedding photographer based solely on the price. No one wants to hear another story about ruined wedding memories.

   Everybody is different and everybody has different needs. You have to make sure that all coverage details are very clear to you. What is included in your contact or in your wedding photography package? How long will your wedding photographer be with you during your wedding day? What is the minimum amount of pictures you will receive from your wedding photographer and how long will they take?  You don't want any surprises during or after your wedding day!


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